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About Us

Cheap Toronto Advertising is dedicated to helping our clients grow their business using online advertising. We work with clients of all sizes, and all budgets, to help with three main areas: driving more traffic, converting more leads, helping make sense of the numbers and reports. 

When Cheap Toronto Advertising was started, we looked to address two main issues with existing relationships between clients and their advertising companies: most companies only reach out when they need something, and companies are never more accountable for their time and your budget than when a contract is up for renewal. We address both of these with our short contracts and our superior customer service. You will always know what results you are getting for your budget, how much we made for managing your campaigns, and we will take the time to learn your business as well as we can so that our ideas and suggestions for your campaign are rooted in your best interests, not some predefined cookie cutter approach.

To learn more about why we’ve set up our company the way we have, please visit our philosophy page. 


Our Team

Adam Shearer

Adam Shearer


Adam started working in 2011 for the world’s largest local digital marketing company. He has spent the last 9 years focusing on helping as many local businesses as possible, which is what led him to start CTA, with a focus on providing clients with better advertising results for less money.

Daniel Hanson

Daniel Hanson


Daniel is CTA’s lead consultant who enjoys sitting down with business owners to come up with strategies that suit their business goals. With a background in digital marketing and sales, he takes a hands on approach to learn his clients businesses and answers any questions they have.
Kirill Erokhin

Kirill Erokhin

Technical Wizard

Kirill is our tech wizard. Aside from building custom applications and integrations for us, he’s also the guy behind the scenes who fixes all website issues that stump and perplex. He can be found running his own business Epsilamic when he’s not helping us and our clients!

We’ve made a short video describing more about who we are and what we do. Please see below. If you have any questions at all we’re always here to help!