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Something as simple as a great business card can get you more business. Sounds weird, right? Check the date. No, it’s not the 80s. In a world surrounded by everything digital, we truly believe that a great business card can set you apart. More than just your card though, the philosophy behind why a great business card can set you apart can be applied to other practices, and if done properly, will help grow your business.

A few months ago, when we started handing out our new business cards we saw something we weren’t ready for – people started asking us for additional business cards. From there we saw a higher percentage of first time meetings turned into second meetings. We saw our referral rate go up. And that got us to thinking, when was the last time that someone asked you for additional business cards? If it’s been a while, perhaps it’s time for a redesign and an upgrade. Maybe you should add a second side to your card. Or even a contrast on the card between a matte and gloss finish for a more tactile experience. Whatever the case it’s important to remember that what worked for you years ago should continue to be reinvented.

In keeping with that same idea, how does your website look? When was the last time you updated it? How’s your suit? Or uniform? Or company logo? It’s important to continue to try and put your best foot forward and it’s time to start with the things that can help build a great first impression. So how about you? What do you need to refresh?