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Our Philosophy

Cheap Toronto Advertising has noticed there are two main issues with most advertising companies out there: most companies only call their clients when they need something, and advertising companies are never more accountable for their time and your budget than when a contract is up for renewal. This is why there are three main things we have focused on since day 1 that we believe solve the main issues facing most local businesses: superior customer service,  short contracts that renew monthly, and custom reporting with transparent margins. Working with Cheap Toronto Advertising you can take comfort in knowing that you will always know what results you are getting for your budget,  

Superior customer service. This is where we make our greatest mark. The reason we make sure that the consultant who first sits down with you to learn about your business stays with you for the duration of your relationship with Cheap Toronto Advertising, is because we believe it’s important that the person who sells you a solution is around to see it through. You give us some of your important time to come and learn about your business, the least we can do is make sure we are doing our best to deliver on the promises we make. 

Short contracts. We see it all the time, someone gets sold something that they think will be great, only to find out a couple of months in that the person who sold it to you isn’t responding anymore to your service requests. Even worse, what if they promised you the world and instead you haven’t received any results? That won’t happen with us. For all of our advertising solutions we have a maximum of 3 month contracts, which then renew monthly. There are two main reasons we’ve structured our business like this; Firstly, short contracts keep companies working hard for their clients, since they can lose the business at any point. Secondly, after 3 months both of us are going to have a better understanding not only of the results that are coming in, but also how we work together. We know that working relationships are important (see: our previous point on superior customer service). The reality is that 3 months is enough time to get a sense of growth and trajectory in any advertising campaign, and we want you to feel like your results are a top priority for us. 

Reporting and transparent margins. If you’ve run advertising campaigns with other companies you will probably already know that most reporting out there is terrible. You get some cookie cutter report, nothing makes sense, and no one takes the time to go through it with you and answer any questions you may have. What’s worse, did you know that some of the largest companies out there “blend” their margins into the cost, so you don’t even know how much was actually spent on media vs management? We share raw campaign data with you, so you always know the breakdown of what you’re getting, and we customize your reports specific to your needs. We also utilize call and form tracking so you know exactly what you’ve received for your advertising investment. Finally, we will sit down with you or jump on a call with you at any point to discuss results, strategy moving forward, or any other concerns you may have.