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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known as PPC, is the fastest way to show up at the top of a search engine results page. When people in your desired area are searching specifically for your products or services, Search Engine Marketing puts you directly in front of them.

Why do we love PPC advertising so much?

Because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. That’s right, if no one clicks, you don’t pay! Search engines are also what drive us. When we have a question, we search. When we want entertainment, we search. When we have a need, we search. So why would you not want to be part of the conversation when people are looking for you or something you offer? 

Using Search Engine Marketing you can:
  • Target specific geographic locations where your customer base is located
  • Choose keywords and search phrases that are relevant to each category or subset of your business 
  • Create specific ads that show for a group of keywords to make sure your potential customer is seeing the most relevant information
  • Maximize whatever your budget is by easily setting daily spend limits to ensure every penny is spent wisely
  • And most importantly, the cost of each visit is driven by only the competitors in your industry and market

Sounds good, right? Well, there are a lot of factors that can make one campaign work, and another campaign fail. For example, which keywords lead to favourable actions, like a phone call or form submission. As opposed to keywords that drive lots of traffic, but don’t convert? Do mobile phone searches work better for your campaign over desktop? Are you using the right words in your ads? Are your keywords specific enough, yet also broad enough to maximize your potential audience? What type of budget should you use? 

If you can your brand get in front of a consumer the moment a purchasing decision is about to be made, you have the greatest chance of having them choose you over one of your competitors. It’s incredibly simple, yet incredibly difficult to achieve. Effective Search Engine Marketing campaigns are definitely a critical piece of internet advertising, and one that should be trusted in the hands of a professional for best results. 

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