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Media Production

Video Production

Videos and video production have quickly become a staple in basic marketing strategies. Whether you are looking to add video to your website to improve time on site, SEO, and increase your sales. If you’ve thought of using video as part of your marketing strategy or to advertise with, we can help.

There are many advantages to on-site videos. Studies show adding video to your website increases time spent on site and engagement, both of which positively impact your SEO ranking. Beyond your SEO ranking, it’s good for business. We make sure that when people come to our website they clearly and easily find what they’re looking for. Videos can help effectively show how a product or service works, and aid in increasing product sales. A worthy investment for sure.


YouTube has grown to become the 2nd largest search engine, behind Google, serving over 1 billion hours of video daily. That’s a lot of available inventory! With the effective forms of targeting available on YouTube, you can target videos to very specific audiences helping increase relevance to specific segments of your market. Video can be a useful strategy to help brand yourself on other social platforms like facebook and instagram. A major benefit to video advertising is the ability to break up your audience into segments, creating a custom video specifically for them. Unlike with a traditional television ad, where you have to reduce your message to the lowest common denominator, for the wide un-targeted audience. Video doesn’t have to be expensive, and done right can be a very impactful addition to your marketing strategy.

If video is something that you’re interested in, or would like more information on, contact us today and we can help come up with an effective strategy for you.

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