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A well designed website can help you convert traffic into leads at a higher rate. You are already spending time and money to maintain a site, so why not increase your conversion rate by having a site that is optimized for converting? If you are spending money on marketing you want to give yourself the greatest chance at success by ensuring you have a site that is likely to convert new visitors into new clients.

Every additional click that a visitor has to make means a certain percentage of traffic will drop off, so you want to ensure your site is easy to navigate and easy to contact you. We build sites by looking at it through a marketing lens. Our goal is to create an easy to navigate site that is mobile friendly and has a high chance of a new visitor calling, emailing or filling out a contact form. 

Sites today need to be mobile friendly, as the vast majority of traffic now comes from cell phones. We look at your site from a marketing perspective, to ensure that your traffic has the best chance of converting and turning that traffic into customers. 

We focus on building WordPress sites, which is a very common platform allowing you to easily make changes yourself should you not want us to manage the site for you. WordPress is the most common platform to build sites with, and allows you flexibility in having others work on your site. 

Questions for you on if you need a new website:

Is my site mobile friendly?

Do I have broken links on my site?

Do I have a mobile clickable phone number for direct dial from a cell phone?

Do I have a contact form on my site?

Are my social media links working?

Is my site easy to navigate if I was a new visitor?

Do I have tracking information from my website on visitor behavior?


If you are unsure about how your website performs, give us a call today and we would be happy to take a look over it and give you suggestions.

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